Making a Cleaner Choice: The Power of Plant-Derived Cleaning Solutions

Making a Cleaner Choice: The Power of Plant-Derived Cleaning Solutions

As a brand deeply invested in sustainability, we are committed to providing you with eco-friendly options. In a world teeming with chemical-laden products that jeopardize both the Earth and its inhabitants, we firmly believe in a more sustainable way forward. Today, let's explore the power and benefits of plant-derived cleaning agents, and discover how our commitment to both people and the planet sets our unique range of products apart.

Why Plant-Derived Cleaners? Are Plant-Based Cleaners Better?
One common question is, "Are plant-based cleaners better?" The answer is Yes! These cleaners are formulated with natural ingredients, meaning they are devoid of harmful synthetic chemicals that can endanger both the environment and your well-being. Elements like citrus oils, eucalyptus, and even vinegar are nature’s answers to clean, purified spaces. Not only are these ingredients effective at breaking down dirt and grime, but they are also biodegradable. This helps in reducing your carbon footprint every time you embark on a cleaning spree.

But before you get too carried away with this word “Natural”, a word of caution:

"Natural" doesn't necessarily mean "safe for everyone." Always read ingredient labels and maybe even perform a patch test to ensure you're not allergic to any components.

The Dangers of Chemical Cleaners
Wait a minute! It's equally crucial to be aware of the pitfalls of conventional cleaners. These cleaning agents often include chemicals like ammonia, bleach, and phosphates, which are detrimental to aquatic life and the quality of soil. Once these cleaners are washed away, they infiltrate water systems, wreaking significant damage on aquatic life and ecosystems. Moreover, the fumes from these chemicals can be harmful to both pets and humans, leading to respiratory issues and skin irritations.

The Impact on Home Microbiome
Can we also talk about how these cleaners can affect the delicate microbiome of your home? They not only kill harmful bacteria and pathogens but can also eliminate beneficial microorganisms that naturally exist in a balanced home environment. Altering the biodome of your living spaces like this can leave room for more resistant and potentially harmful strains of bacteria to move in.
On the other hand, plant-based cleaners bring a unique benefit to the table— they don't turn your home into a sterile bubble. Instead, they focus on cleaning away the dirt while leaving some of the good bacteria intact. Think of it as a balanced approach to cleanliness.

How are we different?
We pride ourselves on offering natural alternatives that are just as effective as their conventional counterparts. We can't spill the beans just yet, but we can say that something exciting is on the horizon, adding another layer to our commitment to sustainability.

a quadrant of photos representing an unlabelled bottle being poured into a dispenser and sitting in front of a laundry line
We've been working on something that takes our commitment to the next level. While we can't give away too much right now, we can promise it aligns with everything you've come to expect from Tiber River—sustainability, effectiveness, and a whole lot of love for our planet and its people. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement that will make your sustainable living journey even more fulfilling.

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In the end, every choice matters. Whether it's the small acts like recycling or the bigger decisions like the products you bring into your home, each step counts. At Tiber River, we are committed to walking this journey with you, every step of the way.

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