Introducing Tiber River's Laundry Product Collection, where happiness is as easy as doing a load of laundry. At the heart of this collection lies our pride and joy - Formula No. 136, the best laundry solution you'll ever meet. We took laundry seriously, folks. In fact, we took it 136 trials seriously. That's how dedicated we are to creating happiness in your laundry room. 

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Formula No. 136 is a concentrated laundry soap, handcrafted in small batches, because we believe in simple, effective ingredients that are planet and people safe. We stripped away the bad stuff - sulfates, dyes, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances - leaving you with a laundry cleaning product that's not just eco-friendly but also gentle on your clothes and your conscience. 

Our secret sauce? Natural, biodegradable surfactants and zesty citrus degreasers that tackle dirt and stains with ease. With 100 uses packed into this tiny, sustainable container, you're not only reducing plastic waste but also your carbon footprint. At just 29 cents per load, it's the best laundry product for your wallet and the planet. 

But wait, there's more! Our Laundry Collection isn't just about Formula No. 136. It's a symphony of cleanliness. We've got the Lavender Linen Spray, adding a touch of luxury to your linens, and the Out Darn Spot laundry bar, a stain-fighting powerhouse without harsh ingredients. 

So, if you're in search of the best laundry products that create happiness with minimal ingredients and maximum effectiveness, Tiber River's got your back. Welcome to the revolution of clean laundry, the Tiber way.