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The Happiest Clean On Earth

At Tiber River, we believe cleanliness is happiness, and we're on a mission to bring more happy into every home. This is not your average clean - its high quality, simple, effective small batch formulas with scents so delicious, they'll put a smile on your face. Products with 10 (or fewer) simple ingredients that do their job without sacrificing the environment.

Happy Face

Made With Happy Ingredients

It's What's On The Inside That Counts: Sustainably crafted products made from only the best of Mother Nature.

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People & Planet Safe

Feel Good About Your Purchase: Ethically made goods that prioritize people and the planet.

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Not Tested On Animals

Rest assured, our products are animal-friendly... but we do pamper our pets with some treats!

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Canadian Made

Harnessing Clean Energy: Explore our collections made in Canada using Hydropower

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Handmade In Small Batches

We Make What We Sell: Experience the care and quality of small batch, handmade products.