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Gel Serums

Gel Serums

Get ready to embark on a skin-soothing journey like no other with our Whipped Gel Serum collection. Here at Tiber, we're all about creating happiness through simple, effective, and sustainable skincare, and these little jars of magic are no exception. 

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Our Whipped Gel Serums are more than just skincare products; they're a daily dose of joy for your skin. Crafted in small batches with love, these natural gel serums are a treat your skin won't be able to resist. We've packed them with minimal, yet incredibly effective ingredients that are planet and people safe, ensuring your skin gets nothing but the best. 

Imagine the sensation of pure bliss as our luxurious whipped gel body serums glide over your skin, delivering instant hydration that your body craves. The secret? A unique blend of lightweight, moisture-packed oils and extracts. Coconut oil and shea butter combine their powers to create a dreamy texture that your skin will adore. Plus, our formula skips the emulsifying wax, allowing your skin to fully absorb the goodness of our specially curated ingredients. 

But here's the real magic: not only will your skin look and feel amazing, but you'll also know you're treating it with the care it deserves, all while being kind to the planet. So go ahead, dive into a jar of happiness, indulge in the simplicity of our natural gel serums, and let your skin experience the wonders of Tiber.