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Deodorizing spray that not only banishes body odors but also pampers your skin like a spa day in a bottle. Yes, that's our Deodorizing Body Spray! With simple, effective ingredients like glycerin, it's a skin-loving elixir that will have you feeling confident and smelling divine all day long. Our mission is clear - to create happiness by making you feel amazing in your own skin, effortlessly. 

But that's not all, folks! Step into your home oasis with our room deodorizers, including the legendary "Poo-Etic Justice." This small-batch wonder is made with natural odor-eating ingredients that do more than just mask bathroom odors – they capture them, neutralize them, and release a refreshingly natural scent, leaving your bathroom an odor-free haven. It's a sustainable win for the planet and your peace of mind. 

For dreamy nights and peaceful mornings, our "Good Nights" spray is a bedtime essential. Infused with fragrant lavender, creamy chamomile, and a hint of sweet mandarin, it transforms your space into a cozy sanctuary where snuggles and serenity reign supreme. 

Lastly, meet the MVP of our collection – the "Player of the Game Power Play Equipment Spray." It's the ultimate weapon against the toughest smells, combining the power of nature with effective ingredients to keep your gear smelling as fresh as an alpine breeze. 

So, dive into our world of simple, handmade, and planet/people-safe deodorizing solutions. We've bottled up happiness for you, one spray at a time.