All Purpose Surface Cleaners
All Purpose Surface Cleaners

All Purpose Surface Cleaners

Get ready to clean with a smile because our All-Purpose Surface Cleaner collection is here to create happiness, one sparkling surface at a time! Say hello to Smells Like Clean Spirit All-Purpose Cleaning Spray – it's not just a bestseller.

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it's the secret to your happiest clean yet. This natural all-purpose cleaner is handcrafted in small batches with simple, effective ingredients that are kind to both the planet and your home. With plant-derived surfactants and the power of citrus-derived D-Limonene, this spray effortlessly tackles grease, grime, and messes of all kinds. 

From floors to windows, counters to mirrors, stoves to walls, you name it, this cleaner does it. It's like your cleaning genie, granting your every sparkling wish. The aroma blend of carefully selected essential oils leaves your home smelling as fresh as it looks – it's clean spirit in a bottle! 

But wait, there's more fun in store with our Dirty Fizz-ness powdered cleaner! Sing along, "Takin' care of Fizz-ness everyday..." – this homemade all-purpose cleaner is a fizzy delight. Simply shake it on the dirty business, add water, and watch the fizzing action go to work. It's like a mini cleaning party in every sprinkle! 

With minimal ingredients and sustainable practices, our Dirty Fizz-ness not only cleans but also adds a touch of eco-friendly sparkle to your cleaning routine. So go ahead, embrace the fizz, take care of business, and let the joy of a happy, clean home shine through with our All-Purpose Surface Cleaner collection.