Formula No.136 Concentrated Laundry Soap

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Sulfate-free, dye/fragrance-free, and 100% effective – meet the laundry soap of your dreams.

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About the product

How serious is Tiber River about laundry soap? Very. How high were our expectations about its performance? The highest. How many times did we try and develop a formula and it just wasn’t quite right? 135. We didn’t give up though. After many years and 136 trials, we did it. Formula No. 136 was the one that won us over and we are proudly sharing with the world.

This effective formula is free from sulfates, dyes, phosphates, and synthetic fragrance oils. No additional preservatives, fragrance oils or essential oils were added. We used naturally-derived, biodegradable surfactants and citrus degreasers and crammed 100 uses into this tiny bottle (that's only 29 cents per load!) to reduce our plastic packaging and our carbon footprint. All this to create the only laundry detergent you will need to use from this day forward.

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