Tiber Glass Tumbler

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Sip joy with Tiber's Glass Tumblers!

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About the product

Introducing the Tiber River Glass Tumbler – where practicality meets pure delight! 🥂

Crafted with the same care and precision as our beloved candles, this tumbler is not your ordinary glass; it's a sip of happiness in every pour.

Picture this: You, cozied up with your favorite Tiber River beverage, gazing at the flickering candlelight dancing in the room. Now, add a touch of class to that picture with our branded glass tumbler. 

Our logo, screen-printed with perfection, adds a dash of Tiber's signature charm to your sipping experience. Made with the very glass we trust for our candles, it exudes quality and durability. 

But why stop at just one? These tumblers were made to mingle, so grab two, three, or even more and create your very own Tiber River glassware set. It's the perfect excuse to invite friends over for a cheerful toast or simply to treat yourself to a moment of luxury. 🥂🎉

Whether you're sipping on your favorite beverage or showcasing them as elegant candle holders, our glass tumblers are here to elevate your moments. They're not just glass; they're a sip of joy, a glimpse of quality, and a touch of Tiber River happiness. 

Get yours today and let the good times flow, one Tiber sip at a time. Cheers to quality, to happiness, and to you!

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