Floating Water Resistant Phone Pouch

Floating Water Resistant Phone Pouch

This brilliantly designed phone pouch is your new best friend for every aquatic adventure.

About the Product

Dive into worry-free fun with Tiber River's Floating Water Resistant Phone Pouch! This brilliantly designed pouch is your new best friend for every aquatic adventure. Whether you're lounging by the pool, kayaking down a river, or building sandcastles at the beach, this pouch keeps your phone safe, dry, and ready for action.

Crafted with inflated edges, our pouch doesn't just protect; it floats! Say goodbye to heart-stopping moments of phones sinking into the watery abyss. Now, your device will bob along happily on the surface, just like a cheerful little boat.

The magic doesn't stop there. Want to snap a selfie or change the playlist without taking the phone out? No problem! The pouch’s touch-screen-friendly design ensures your device is fully functional while safely encased. And the tight-seal closure strip? It’s like a fortress gate, guarding against water and sand, reinforced with a sturdy hook-and-loop strip for extra security.

But wait, there's more! We’ve added an adjustable 21" breakaway lanyard, so you can hang it around your neck or attach it to your gear for hands-free happiness.

In classic Tiber River style – black and white, sleek and chic – this pouch isn't just practical; it's a stylish accessory. So, go ahead, make a splash and capture every moment of joy, because with our Floating Water Resistant Phone Pouch, we're not just protecting your phone, we're Creating Happiness. 🌊📱