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Pit Prep Packs

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This pack turns pit detox into a party!

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About the product


Get ready for this, because our Pit Prep Party Pack is more than just a fun fiesta for your underarms—it's your backstage pass to the detoxifying roadshow of a lifetime! 🎸 When you ditch those aluminum-packed antiperspirants, your pits go through a natural "detox" phase, getting rid of built-up chemicals and toxins. Our superstar trio is here to make that journey smoother than a pop star's high note!

First up, Ex-Factor, our groove-tastic bar soap, gently exfoliates and preps your skin, making sure the detox process is as harmonious as a well-tuned band. Then, our clay-based masque, In Your Face, steals the spotlight by pulling out impurities and reigning in those rebellious bacteria that dare to cause odor.

With your choice of show-stopping stick deodorants like baking soda free Lavender Swirl and Fuji Green Apple to amazingly effective Strawberry Feels Forever and Matcha, you’re not just controlling the stink—you’re turning it into a fragrance headliner!

And hey, even if you're already living the aluminum-free life, this pit party is still the ultimate self-care routine to keep your underarms in tip-top shape. Think of it as the regular soundcheck to ensure your body's natural rhythms are always in sync.

How To Use
Do not perform on freshly shaven skin or open wounds. Step 1 Cleanse – Use your Ex-factor bar soap to cleanse the area. Follow directions as usual for this product. Rinse well and dry well. Step 2 - Apply In Your Face masque to the armpit area. Follow instructions on the product as noted, except you are now applying to your armpit instead of your face. Let sit for 5 minutes and rinse well. Dry area well. Step 3 – Apply deodorant as per instructions on your product. Do this up to 3 times per week while transitioning to an aluminum free deodorant. Continue up to 2 times per week, or as your skin tolerates, as part of your regular beauty routine after your transition. Ease back on the frequency if you are finding irritation or increase if you are finding this helpful and the delicate area can tolerate it.

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