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Holiday Foam Soap Trio Bundle

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Festive foams for joyous hands; trio savings that sparkle!

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Get ready to deck your sinks with the most festive foams of the season! Tiber River presents a dazzling trio of holiday hand soaps, each designed to whisk you away to those cherished yuletide moments while giving you "The Happiest Clean on Earth™".

Rudolph’s Rockin’ Root Beer: Illuminate your festivities with Rudolph's signature magic. This soap dances with a chorus of warm anise, zesty sassafras, and grounding licorice root, all topped with a dreamy vanilla ice cream finish. Every push of the pump invites the nostalgia of heartwarming holiday tales by the glowing tree, ensuring hands that not only feel refreshed but are also swathed in the comfort of Christmas memories.

Frosty’s Frozen Snow Berries: Unwrap a winter wonder as jovial as a snowman’s grin! Dive hand-first into a playful blend of sweet, tantalizing berries, invigorating tangerine zests, and the cozy embrace of sugared vanilla. It's a bubbly holiday treat, suitable for all, from the young to the young-at-heart.

Candy Cane: Step into a snowy lane adorned with candy canes standing tall! This soap swirls together warm vanilla cream, rich and aromatic burnt sugar, with the exhilarating kiss of peppermint oil. Each wash is like a festive waltz amidst snowflakes, evoking the pure joy of winter's embrace.

Beyond the scents that encapsulate the holiday spirit, our soaps are your hand's best friends, formulated with plant-derived, sulfate-free cleansers and enriching moisturizers. With every rinse, hands are left feeling soft, rejuvenated, and wrapped in yuletide joy.

Gift this bundle to loved ones or make it the centerpiece of your festive preparations. This season, let every hand wash be a celebration!

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