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Discover uncompromising clean with our Eco-Laundry Bundle – your final stop for sustainable laundry care!

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About the product

Embrace our Eco-Laundry Elite Bundle, a meticulously curated, eco-friendly solution designed to effectively clean while safeguarding both your garments and the Earth. Proven and loved by our planet-loving community, each item guarantees a powerful, eco-conscious wash, overcoming doubts about the efficacy of eco-friendly products. Not just a personal treat, this bundle is a thoughtful, impactful gift, providing a pathway to redefined, sustainable laundry practices and contributing towards our planet's preservation.

Begin your eco-friendly laundry evolution or gift a loved one a step towards a future where clean laundry and a healthy Earth harmoniously coexist.

Included in the bundle:

🍃 Formula No. 136 Concentrated Laundry Soap:
Achieve powerful, eco-friendly cleaning with Formula No. 136, providing 100 impactful loads per compact bottle at 29 cents per load, while prioritizing planet-kind ingredients and reduced plastic use.

🌿 Lavender Linen Spray:
Embrace tranquility and utility with our Lavender Linen Spray, enriching linens with serene scents while doubling as a refreshing body, room, and clothing spray, conserving laundry resources.

🍋 Out Darn Spot Laundry Bar:
Eliminate stubborn stains with the Out Darn Spot Laundry Bar, infused with citrus and cedarwood oils, ensuring pristine, undeniably clean garments while safeguarding their appearance and history.

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