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Happiness Treasure Hunt!

Congratulations to all the winners so far!

You will have received an email with instructions on how to claim your prize. If you have not received that email yet, please contact us at

We hope you enjoy your prize!

February 1st
CA: Tessa Mccorkell
USA: Kendra

February 2nd
CA: Chantal
USA: Ella Greer

February 3rd
CA: Jennifer Birt
USA: Beverlee Flowers

February 4th
CA: Michelle Ottenbreit
USA: Bridget Dobransky

February 5th

CA: Kara Browne
USA:Shannon Morin

February 6th
CA: Jeanine Noseworthy
USA: Natasha Deveau

February 7th
CA: Felicia Williams
USA: Ceitleen Elam

February 8th
CA: Sheila Meikle
USA: Jaclyn mcdonald

February 9th
CA: Mary Ella Buckley
USA: Jessica Gall

February 10th
CA: Brenda Theoret
USA: Amanda Fagan

February 11th
CA: Jill Boutin
USA: Erica West

February 12th
CA: Shauna Kulczycki
USA: Karen Wachal

February 13th
CA: Isys Devereaux
USA: Amanda Rowluk

February 14th
CA: Nicole Holodniuk
USA: Karleigh

February 15th
CA: Sandy Nemeth
USA: Jennifer Engbrecht

February 16th
CA: Erica Cole
USA: Ashley Krohn

February 17th
CA: Colleen Hamilton
USA: Lynette Comeau

February 18th
CA: Dawn McCreary
USA: Maria chrenek

February 19th
CA: Colleen Johnston
USA: Chantal

February 20th
CA: Linda Williams
USA: Ryan Meikle

February 21st
CA: Kristy
USA: Anna

February 22nd
CA: Diane
USA: Jessica Kaiser

February 23rd
CA: Noelle
USA: Lori Paul

February 24th
CA: Tina Basaraba
USA: Deanna

February 25th
CA: karen post
USA: Jennifer Moran

February 26th
CA: Glenda Peyton
USA: Andrea Barkhouse

February 27th
CA: Diana Rose Kennedy
USA: Loraine

February 28th
CA: Haley Mayer
USA: Fawn howell

Please stay tuned for the final draw towards the free Tiber for a year draw!

Good luck everyone!